Selling on 亚马孙 vs 易趣: Which Website is Better 和 Why?



辛苦了 寻找要销售的产品供应商提供您的产品, ’是时候了解在线销售的真正内容了!您有一个很大的选择:


I’ll be focusing on 亚马孙和eBay for the majority of this guide, but there are a few other options I’我也会提到。事不宜迟,让’s dive in.

Selling on 亚马孙 vs. 易趣 

  • 活跃用户总数: 3.1亿
  • Total 卖家: 250万
  • 费用: $ 39.99每月订阅费加每件商品销售费
  • 卖家' business model: Fixed 价钱 listing
  • 卖方工具: 提供一套用于分析,商店促销和FBA运输服务的工具。
  • 市场份额: 占美国所有电子商务销售额的近50%。

  • 活跃用户总数: 1.8亿
  • Total 卖家: 2500万
  • 卖家' business model: 拍卖方式
  • 费用: 每次销售收取10%的费用+超过50的每个列表收取$ 0.35
  • 卖方工具: 提供了一系列工具来帮助您创建,管理和推广列表。
  • 市场份额: 占美国电子商务销售额的不到10%。

亚马孙 vs 易趣: What's the difference?

The two biggest contenders for online retailing are 亚马孙 和 易趣.

Both have millions in sales every year, both get hundreds of thousands of eyeballs every day, 和 both host almost every product you can possibly think of. 亚马孙 is said to have more than 310 million active users 和 2.5 million sellers, while 易趣 has close to 180 million users 和 25 million sellers.


易趣’s auction style vs. 亚马孙’s fixed 价钱



亚马孙, on the other hand, simply lists items at the 价钱 they sell for, 和 that’就是这样。总的来说,这不是’这是一个巨大的差异,这仅是因为无论您选择哪个市场,您几乎都应该始终以固定价格列出商品。


亚马孙 fees vs 易趣 fees: Who has the lowest fees?

One of the most important considerations when deciding between 易趣 和 亚马孙 is how much it will cost you. I’我在谈论你的费用’对您进行的每笔交易都收取费用。

亚马孙 和 易趣 both charge a fee any time you sell something on their platform, but the exact amount you have to pay might differ between the two platforms.


易趣 fees

易趣让’您每月列出50个免费物品。之后,你’每个清单重新收费$ 0.35。



亚马孙 fees

亚马孙’的费用高于eBay’s。作为专业卖家,您需要每月支付39.99美元的订阅费用。那里’s no listing fee, but 亚马孙 charges a referral fee for each sale you make. In most cases, the referral fee is 15% but it varies depending on the type of product you sell. Media items, such as books, music, video games etc, incur a closing fee of $1.80 per item.

If you decide to use 亚马孙 FBA service, which I explain below, there are additional fees to cover the storage, handling, packaging 和 shipping of your products.

See the full guide to fees for selling on 亚马孙 here.


Both of these platforms pack a fair punch when it comes to the range of extra tools 和 services they provide for sellers. However, the main one that sets them apart if 亚马孙’s Fulfilled by 亚马孙 (FBA) service.

What is 亚马孙 FBA 和 How Does it Work?

FBA is 亚马孙’的仓库履行服务。基本上,他们会将您所有的商品存储在他们的仓库中,甚至以一定的价格为您发货。 (没有’s free, of course!)

You may want to pick 亚马孙 specifically for this reason, because storing your own inventory can be a huge hassle. For more information on FBA, check out 亚马孙’s help center。一世’在下面的高级技巧部分中还将对此进行更多讨论。

Other 亚马孙 卖方工具

亚马孙 also provides sellers with a suite of tools that you can use within the platform such as business reports, which provide insights into your overall sales, traffic, conversions etc, 和 promotions which you can use to push inventory or take advantage of seasonal or holiday sales.


易趣 卖方工具



亚马孙 is said to have 310 million active customers 和 200 million visitors a month. It’s the world’s third-largest retailer behind Alibaba 和 Walmart 和 accounts for close to half of all eCommerce sales in the United States. To put simply, 亚马孙’的市场份额巨大。


Based on these numbers, 亚马孙 has more users 和 a much greater market share in the ecommerce space, but 易趣 still has a significant customer base.

Competition on 易趣 和 亚马孙

这两个平台都是竞争激烈的市场,需要项目规划和执行才能成功。但是,如果我们’re just looking at the numbers, 亚马孙 seems to come out on top again.

It’s estimated that 亚马孙 has about five million active sellers, while 易趣 has about 25 million sellers. Based on those figures, 易趣 looks to be five times more competitive than 亚马孙. But it’s not that simple.

It’s not known how many sellers on 易趣 are just individuals who occasionally auction off household items 和 how many are established businesses. Whereas, on 亚马孙, you’re competing with highly successful companies, including 亚马孙 itself (the company owns more than 80 private label brands).

Competition is about more than just the number of sellers on each platform. You need to do your own market research to see how many sellers are active in your niche. While 亚马孙 seems to have the edge here, it’您的业​​务仍然更适合eBay还是有可能的。

亚马孙 Customers vs 易趣 Customers

Just because 亚马孙 和 易趣 both have millions of customers, doesn’并不意味着这些客户都是平等的。

由于eBay具有原始的拍卖式性质,因此许多eBay访客’的平台更注重价格。他们'重新寻找便宜货。你可能会发现他们'不愿意支付任何保费。如果您可以以疯狂的低价获得批发产品,或者您’在将您在加里·维(Gary Vee)风格的堆场销售中拿到的二手商品重新出售之前,eBay可能是理想的平台。

亚马孙 customers, on the other hand, are less likely to be in the bargain-hunting mentality. 他们're usually more willing to shell out a few extra dollars because they trust the platform. Many of them have a membership to 亚马孙 Prime, which makes them psychologically more committed to 亚马孙.

What Restrictions Do 易趣 和 亚马孙 Impose?

易趣 Seller Limits: What are 他们?

易趣具有卖家限制,旨在防止非法卖家利用该平台。它没有’公开发布了其卖家限制,但新卖家通常每个月最多只能销售10件商品和$ 500的销售额。


易趣 also has controls in place for 禁止和限制物品,因此请确保您的产品没有’开始之前,请先在此列表上

也有 上市政策 有关在eBay上销售产品所需遵守的图像,文本,链接和准确性的信息。

亚马孙 restrictions: What are they?

亚马孙 also has extensive 上市限制,这要求您在商家信息中提出的声明要准确并符合所有相关的贸易法规。您可以’不得销售声称可治愈或治疗疾病的产品,或对您产品的环境效益作出虚假声明。真的’只是诚实和透彻地了解您提供的产品信息。

也有 您可以销售的商品类型的限制,例如酒精,膳食补充剂,武器,甚至电子产品。它’s important that you check for any restrictions on the products you intend to sell on 亚马孙 prior to striking a deal with your supplier.

Alternatives to 易趣 和 亚马孙

While 亚马孙 和 易趣 are the biggest 和 most well-known online marketplaces, there are plenty of alternatives if you’不愿意在那些大型网站上出售。

  • Etsy



    但是,有些商人确实出售其供应商手工制作的物品。如果您想这样做,’re required to 在向Etsy提出的申请中披露相关信息;在此之后,您的申请将被审核,并被批准或拒绝。

  • 喷射

    喷射.com is becoming a new major player in the online retail world. 他们 seemingly appeared almost overnight, 和 have quickly become a big threat to both 易趣 和 亚马孙.


  • 乐天

    Formerly, 乐天 is basically the Asian equivalent to 亚马孙. While it’我很容易建立一个帐户并出售它们,我’ve heard bad things from their vendors. 他们 seem to only bring in minimal sales, which is even worse because their fees are pretty high compared to 亚马孙 or 易趣.


  • 竞标

    在我所有的市场中,Ubid是最独特的’ve listed so far. It’类似于eBay的拍卖方式。但是,您不会在有人出价时得到报酬,而是得到有人购买的价格。


    当你赢了’t be scamming people, it may not be worth even being around potential scammers, lest you be clumped together with them 和 their bad reputation. That said, if you really want to avoid 易趣 or 亚马孙, it may be worth doing some more research about the company to see if you can be successful there.

I’我现在将继续谈论产品列表,但是如果您想在上面提供的替代方案之外查看更多替代方案,请查看 本文 这可以方便地汇总您可以考虑的地方。




#1: 唐't跳过产品图片



例如,让’s say you’再卖头盔。您应该具有以下图片:

  • 头盔正面的图像本身具有纯色背景(理想情况下为白色)。
  • 头盔各面的照片
  • 头盔上任何设计的特写
  • Some images of people actually wearing the helmet, maybe riding a 自行车 or skateboard.

对于奖励积分,您可以包括一个视频。高画质影片 (甚至是静态图片的视频!)也可以提高销售量。

专家提示:即使您可以’不能聘请专业的产品摄影师,您仍然应该能够使用正确的工具和设备来取得不错的成绩。查阅本指南,它将帮助您 在预算紧张的情况下掌握产品摄影!



There are a few key differences between what makes a good title on a platform like 易趣, 和 what makes a good title on a platform like 亚马孙.

Titles on 易趣

为了增加您在eBay上的知名度,您'll include "keywords" in your title.

For example, you might list a 自行车 helmet as “Razor V-17 Kid’s小轮车自行车头盔自行车滑板车的防护头盔”.

听起来有点垃圾,没有'是吗?但这有助于您在人们在eBay上搜索其他内容(例如,“BMX helmet” “Bike helmet” “Cycling helmet” “Scooter helmet” “Ski helmet” 和 “Skateboard helmet”.

易趣’的算法非常关注标题中的单词,即使"bike" 和 "bicycle", or "children" 和 "kids"意思是同一件事,他们'仍然会为包含客户搜索的确切字词的列表提供更高的费用。

因此,如果您想在尽可能多的潜在买家面前展示自己的头盔,则需要塞满所有这些头盔“keywords” in there —即使看起来很垃圾。

Titles on 亚马孙

亚马孙, on the other hand, wants you to list to-the-point, descriptive titles without too many 关键字.




关键字是您希望产品出现在搜索结果中的词。例如,如果您’转售跑步鞋,您一定要在有人搜索时出现“running 鞋子s”。但您可能还想在有人搜索时出现“sneakers” or “trainers”。这两个词都表示大致相同的事物,而搜索这些事物的人们很可能会对您的产品感兴趣。


The trick with 关键字 is to try to think like your customer: What might someone search for if they wanted to buy the thing you’再卖?尝试在您的列表中包括这些词。这意味着你’将您的商家信息吸引到尽可能多的潜在客户面前。

Here are some tips for using 关键字 in your listing:

  • 唐’t使您的标题或描述看起来垃圾邮件(尽管您的eBay标题而不是描述可能看起来有些垃圾)。尝试自然地包括它们。
  • 唐’t focus on more than 2-3 关键字 (eBay being the exception with 4-5 being ideal).
  • 尝试找到更具体的关键字。广泛的关键字,例如“shoe”您的排名将有太多竞争。相反,去像“Women’s Dance Shoes”。只需描述您的产品并具体说明即可!如果您发现了一个利基市场,那么您应该有很多利基关键词,而竞争却很少。


观众点击您的列表并看到您的产品页面后,’会看到的是产品说明。一种 出售的产品说明 需要清晰,易于理解且高度相关。这是编写描述时要包括的一些关键点:

  • 材料/技术规格:它是由什么制成的?它有多大?客户应了解哪些技术细节?
  • 功能和优点:列出您所购买产品的功能'转售,但还要确保您'通过包括其好处来真正销售该产品。例如,代替编写:“这双鞋是皮革制的,有黑色或白色”, try “这些真皮鞋不仅耐用,而且时尚。人’当他们在这些地方看到你时,他们的头会转过身!尝试广受欢迎的黑色或纯白色,让自己真正出类拔萃!”
  • Keywords: You can also add 关键字 to your description to increase visibility. Add synonyms (e.g., 自行车, 自行车, cycle) 和 related uses (e.g., skateboard, scooter, snowboard) —但是尝试自然地做到这一点'看起来假冒垃圾邮件。
  • 项目符号点和其他格式:通过将功能/优点分解为项目符号点列表,使用子标题等,使列表易于阅读。

专家提示:为使您的产品说明更有效,请创建一个 买方角色 可以帮助您了解理想的买家的模样。除了帮助您的产品描述之外,这还可以帮助您定制其他内容(电子邮件时事通讯,博客内容等),甚至可以调整产品开发策略。



许多在线购物者在浏览产品页面时都会查看客户评论;事实上, 88%的购物者说,他们相信评论和个人推荐一样多.


易趣 和 亚马孙 both automatically send them emails asking to rate or review their product purchase, but you can also increase your number of reviews by personally reaching out to your customers 和 requesting it, or by including a printed slip in your box reminding them to leave a review.

专家提示:如果您收到负面评价,请不要’t just ignore it. 尝试将其删除, 要么if you’无法这样做,请回复评论,以便您的潜在买家可以看到您’响应迅速,欢迎客户反馈。

#5: Consider your 价钱


在eBay上更是如此,因为他们“used goods” nature; 亚马孙 has a buy box, which I’我们将在“高级”部分中讨论这一点,而不仅仅是价格。

但是那里's a reason I've put "price"顺着我的一堆微调。

在与竞争对手进行价格战并加入竞争之前"race to the bottom",请记住,商品详情的其他部分(图片,说明,反馈)通常会胜过小价格差异。



不管你多么善于嗅探"undiscovered" niches, there's a good chance you'在您的销售职业生涯中的某些时候会面对竞争。








  • 他们的照片废话吗?采取更好的。
  • 他们的描述la脚吗?写一个更好的。
  • 他们是否提到他们的担保/退货政策?提及您的。
  • 他们的反馈是否包含有关包装的投诉?改善包装。而且,如果您真的想绞刀,请在清单中提及如何安全包装您的货物。


#2: Add bonuses or create 束s


想想看:如果有两个卖家以相同的价格为您的智能手机相机提供广角镜,但是其中一个卖家在您购买时为您提供了额外的镜头清洁布— you’d选择为您提供免费赠品的礼物,对吗?

即使那个免费赠品可能不值钱。 在所有其他条件相同的情况下,额外的少量奖金可能是您买家的决策者。

当然,如果您’重新下降运输,你不’不能亲自处理您的货物,但是您仍然可以与供应商进行商谈’s possible.

做一个的另一个好处“bundle”对于您的产品:如果您’re selling on 亚马孙 it might also help you get into the coveted “Buy Box” (see below).


The problem with marketplaces like 易趣 和 亚马孙 is that it makes it so easy for buyers to compare your listing with your competitors. Buyers arrive at these sites with a "comparison mentality" — they'重新寻找最好的交易。

但是,如果您可以吸引那些't in that "comparison" state of mind?

You can do this by using other marketing channels (like email or social media) to bring customers directly to you, rather than relying on 易趣 和 亚马孙 to do your marketing for you.

例如,让’s say I’m卖给猫迷的猫项链。我碰巧知道,我喜欢猫的观众倾向于花大量时间在Instagram上查看猫的照片。


我通过这种方法吸引到我的商家信息的人与通常会通过eBay找到我的商家的人完全不同:Instagram的客户直接找我。他们避风港't searched for "cat jewelry" in 易趣. 他们 haven't seen my jewelry stacked up against all the other 猫饰品 out there.


同样,您可以为自己创建一个Facebook页面(但不要’只是创建它,请确保您 妥善管理和更新)。或者,您可以收集以前客户的电子邮件地址,然后在向目录中添加新产品时直接给他们发送电子邮件。

最后,您可以 寻找有影响力的人 在社交媒体上找到可以与之合作的人,这些人拥有大量热爱您产品的敬业观众。

The trick is to find other ways of attracting buyers, rather than just leaning on 易趣 or 亚马孙.





I mentioned earlier that 亚马孙 customers are often prepared to spend a little more on their purchases because they know 和 trust the 亚马孙 brand. 他们 know that if something goes wrong with their order (they choose the wrong size, or the order doesn't arrive) then 亚马孙 will refund them without question.



  • 确保您的客户准时收到包裹
  • 确保货物包装正确且状况良好
  • 在整个购买过程中提供良好的沟通
  • 如果有任何问题,请尽量少给他们退款或更换
  • 快速响应任何查询
  • 尽可能尝试使您的客户满意:我'我们已经看到卖家在每个包装中放了几块糖果或几张贴纸。它'这不是什么大事,但您的客户会记住的!

#5: Create a 独特 product


I'我不是在谈论找到其他人都没有卖过的产品— I'我在谈论创建自己的产品。


例如,抹茶粉最近变得非常流行。您可以出售已经制成的抹茶粉等名牌产品;或者,您可以出售自己品牌的抹茶粉,例如 你好抹茶做了.

他们没有出售现有品牌的抹茶,而是找到了可以给他们的供应商。 私人商标权 (有权在产品上贴上自己的标签)。 Hello Matcha只需创建自己的徽标和标签,然后将其提供给供应商,然后供应商将新重新贴标的产品直接运送给客户。

像智者一样,你可以找到 私人商标制造商和manufacturer products of your own brand 和 start selling on 易趣 or 亚马孙.

你好抹茶't doing this to sell on 易趣 or 亚马孙, private labelling your own product is a fantastic way to cope with competition in these marketplaces. There won'不会有其他人出售与您完全相同的产品,因此您的买家很难将您与其他卖家进行比较。



到目前为止,我们've been talking about strategies that broadly apply to whatever marketplace you might choose to sell in. Here are some additional things to consider that are specific to either 易趣 or 亚马孙.

Tips for selling on 易趣


易趣 is a different beast than 亚马孙 for many reasons, but one of the biggest is their plethora of “upgrades” for your listings.


  • 字幕:这会在搜索页面上的主要产品标题下显示一个字幕。文字越多,表示您对您的商家信息的关注就越多,这意味着(希望)销售额增加。
  • 粗体:在搜索页面上将产品标题加粗。同样,脱颖而出可以增加您的列表点击次数,并有可能增加销售量。
  • Gallery Plus:当购物者将鼠标悬停在商品上时,可以显示更大的图片。这样一来,您的商家信息就能与众不同,并吸引更多的购物者。
  • Featured Plus:当购物者将鼠标悬停在商品上时显示较大的图片(与Gallery Plus相同);最重要的是,您的商品将显示在搜索结果中“图片库”上方的“特色”区域中。

While these 升级 certainly aren’必要时,如果您需要在竞争中稍加提高,它们可能会有所帮助。





选择商店或商家信息的模板时请小心:’容易被钟声和口哨声(和Comic Sans字体)所吓倒,并实际上损害了您进行销售的机会。


Tips for selling on 亚马孙

The 购买盒

As I mentioned earlier, 亚马孙’s购买盒非常重要。这是页面右侧的框,观众可以在其中购买其商品。只有一位卖家可以进入此框。


  • 专业销售计划购买盒 Eligible
  • 卖一件别人没有卖的东西。
  • 销售其他人出售的产品,但添加一些额外的东西以使其成为商品"bundle",有效地使其"unique".

This last option can be a little hard to understand, so let me illustrate: Imagine you are selling a Nike 鞋子 (not that you necessarily should, this is just an example). You’几乎可以肯定会有很多竞争,因此很难进入“购买框”。

BUT! If you create a Nike 鞋子 “bundle”, which includes the 鞋子s 和 socks (or 鞋子 cleaner, or something) then 亚马孙 sees this as an entirely different product. So long as nobody else is selling the exact same 束, you'将会是唯一一个与Buy Box竞争的人,而您'll get in.


Fulfillment by 亚马孙 (FBA) is one of the biggest reasons to choose 亚马孙 over 易趣 if you’re starting with a fairly large inventory, because it means 亚马孙 can become your warehouse. Inventory is a huge pain to deal with (probably one of the #1 biggest headaches to online retailers), so if you can avoid storing 和 shipping your own inventory, do it.

另外,如果您使用亚马逊物流,则您的商品将有资格免费送货2天, 亚马孙 Prime 顾客。这可以增加您的销售额,因为许多Prime购物者都偏重于仅购买Prime物品。 (我个人只购买优质商品。)

Keep in mind that your profits will suffer if you use FBA. 亚马孙 charge you for every item they store 和 ship. Do your math 和 see if it still works out in your favor. If you need an overview of the entire selling process on 亚马孙, read our 逐步指南在这里.


现在,您对可用的不同市场有了更好的了解,并希望您应该选择哪个市场。我们的一个选择’尚未讨论正在建立自己的网上商店— this can be a great alternative or supplement to selling on 易趣 or 亚马孙, but it deserves its own topic: for info on that, check out the next section, “开设网上商店”.

您也可以前往我们的“托运” section if you’ve decided you’d like to try that.